Tom Cruise Helps Hit-and-Run Victim

Tom Cruise helped a victim of a hit and run accident. He pulled over, called 911, followed the ambulance to the hospital and even checked up on the victim the next day and paid the $7,000 bill. Tom Cruise is widely known for his kindness and empathy, but he never brags about it or talks about his own actions. Rather, people who have met him and interacted with him share their stories (such as with the photo caption).

This act of kindness is an example of how Cruise always strives to help people around him. His personal philosophy is “I’ve always looked at things in terms of, is this helping people, or is it not helping people? Is this helping the world?” [Source]

Cruise’s outlook on life reflects his beliefs as a member of the Scientology faith. He lives by The Code of Honor, written by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, and owns a plaque of it. It includes advice such as “1. Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.”

Other Acts of Kindness by Cruise

Recently the actor spoke at the graduation ceremony of the Baron-Brown Acting Studio on July 14, 2013. He went to speak to the aspiring actors of the school about the secrets of making it big. A student in the crowd, Marc Salgia, recorded the entire speech and wrote in the video’s description on YouTube: “Tom Cruise graciously spoke at the graduation ceremony …. The man’s integrity and sincerity shine forth.”

This is in addition to the charities that Tom Cruise supports including UNICEF, The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes.


Scientology Founder’s work as Eagle Scout Discovered on Mount Rainier

The Associated Press published this article: Scientology founder built trails on Mount Rainier on March 10th 2014, three days before L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday, March 13th.

The article originated from a discovery of of a 6 by 16 inch wooden sign attached to a tree that said “EAGLE TRAIL, BUILT BY SCOUTS OF EAGLE RANK, WESTERN WASHINGTON 1925.”

In Aug. of 1925, a News Tribune article was published talking about the beginning of a project by Eagle Scouts to make trails in the area. The names of the boys working on the project were listed, including “Ronald Hubbard of Seattle.” This links Tacoma, WA; the first trails at Mount Rainier and L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, together.

The sign was discovered by Carl Fabiani, who worked for 45 years at Mount Rainier.

The 13 Eagle Scouts, including Hubbard, who made the trials have now been officially recognized by the Pacific Harbors Council for the historical trails project.

Image Source: Official L. Ron Hubbard Life Chronology

The Scientology Super Bowl Ad 2014

The Church of Scientology aired their “Spiritual Technology” commercial in the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII (2014). The ad ran in select areas, such as in California and Florida.

The video was created and directed by Golden Era Productions, a division of the Church and was released on the Church’s YouTube channel on Jan 8th 2014—just a few weeks before the Super Bowl.

What the commercial means

Science and Religion connecting

Scientology originated out of the purely scientific study of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. L. Ron Hubbard discovered that the cells of the body had memory and could remember pain and inflict certain commands on the body. His studies helped many people recover from physical and mental problems.

Dianetics produced nothing short of miracles. Serious cases of gangrene were resolved with a few hours of therapy. L. Ron Hubbard was able to cure people of arthritis simply through Dianetics therapy called “Auditing”. Today you can see the miracles continuing to happen with such things as eliminating panic attacks or resolving fear of heights.

It was found in the therapies of Dianetics that some aspects of the mind could not be solved without entering the field and realm of religion—the spirit. L. Ron Hubbard kept to his scientific method of thinking, which he learned as an engineer, and never took any pre-conceived idea about the spirit. He only formed conclusions based on sound evidence and found that some people only got better when they were addressed as a spirit and not only as a body and a mind. It was necessary to address the person and all of his parts.

Technology and Spirituality Combining

In L. Ron Hubbard’s own words “Religion would wander rather badly unless it had the technology of the human spirit. That would be the vital thing to have, for religion to become a practical, everyday thing.” (From his lecture of 3 June 1955 History of Research and Investigation)

L. Ron Hubbard was able to use technology to create a device that could actually detect changes in mental energy to help a person locate exactly what travails are keeping him down. This led to the introduction of the Hubbard E-Meter which was revolutionary and resulted in people getting rid of psychoses and neuroses previously unchangeable with any past therapy or even with Dianetics. This was a break through in technology that enabled a person to spiritually look at himself and improve his own life.

Everything you Imagined Possible

2013 saw the the opening of the new Scientology Flag Building. This is the cathedral of cathedrals. It is 377,000 square feet and has within it spiritual services that help a person recover his 57 native perceptions—which include perceiving compass direction and the emotions of others. It also houses a museums of the religion and a library that has scripture available in more than 50 languages.

(Photo taken from See the full slideshow here.)

First Step

The first step that I would recommend to anyone is to visit any Church of Scientology near them (Locations can be found here) or buy the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health to see the first steps Mr. Hubbard took in the field of the mind that led to the development of Scientology.

Top Resource for Scientology Information

The hidden gem to find true and factual information about Scientology online is using the website

You will find information straight from the Church of Scientology International about all sorts of subjects you never thought you would find online.

Some examples:

  • When the word “Scientology” was added to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (Spanish dictionary): here
  • An amazing all-inclusive Scientology Photo Gallery with thousands of high-resolution photos of all major Scientology events: here
  • The European Court of Human Rights rules Scientology as a religion: here
  • Embarrassing prank by the Hate Group Anonymous lands Mahoud Samed Almahadin in jail: here (The cop taking this guy to jail said “He’s just a kid. He’s young and he’s dumb.”)
  • The Church of Scientology gains rightful non-profit status in Spain: here

Tips on how to use the website

You can use a special Google Search tool to search ONLY within the website using the search phrase “ KEYWORD” click on the link below to see this in action:

Search for “Dictionary”

Use this to find information that you need on practically any subject, the Scientology News website has thousands of pages that talk about almost every topic about Scientology.

What is truth?

“Truth is actually a relative quantity. It could be said to be the most reasonable existing data about any body of facts.” [emphasis added] —L. Ron Hubbard, page 155 of Science of Survival.

Some philosophies pride themselves in saying that one cannot really ever know truth or that truth is very difficult to know. In Scientology we believe that one can know truth. When, as a child, your mom gave you a big hug and told you that she loved you—that was truth. It is fact, it is real and observable.

However, if one day she was angry with you because you broke a vase of hers and she told you that she hated you or that she didn’t love you. This would not really be “truth” because in that moment she is only speaking out of anger and it doesn’t represent her real feelings toward you. Truth is the most reasonable existing information and in moments of anger people commonly say untruthful things because they are not using reason.

Places where you find a lot of truth are in non-profit organizations. Individuals in these kinds of groups are driven by passion and dedication and have a strong sense of reason. A good example of this is with Youth for Human Rights International. If you were ever to speak with Dr. Mary Shuttleworth the founder and president of this organization she could tell you how education can and does change communities—she has seen it with her very eyes. If you were to talk with her about slavery, she would tell you about the worldwide problem of enslavement and how it can be changed with education. This would be the truth of the matter because she is giving the best information available on the subject.

If you were instead to ask an American high school student, after he was taught all about Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, “Does slavery still exist?” the child would tell you “No, slavery ended in 1863.” This is a false statement. It is not true. Even though the child would not be “lying” because he does believe what he is saying to be true, it is not the most reasonable existing data on the subject. You could ask the over 13 million enslaved in India today if slavery ended in 1863.

One can know truth. A smart man is always looking for and learning truths.

Is Scientology open to everyone?

All are welcome to the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles or any church

“All are welcome” is a common phrase and policy used by every Church of Scientology

Scientology is open to everyone. There are chances that you may have heard that the Church is exclusive or only caters to certain people, but this is patently false. Every Church of Scientology invites new people to come in and see the Church and its facilities or partake in service. New Ideal Churches of Scientology even have very large Public Information Displays that show over 500 videos answering virtually any question a new visitor may have about Scientology.

Some of the misconception that the Church is a closed group stems from slanderous statements that are intended to sway people away from Scientology because of the Church’s stance against psychotropic drugs and psychiatric abuses. Read a full article about the relationship of Scientology and Psychiatry by’s Catherine Beyer here:…beliefs…scien_psych.htm. Vested interests want the common citizen to believe that they are not allowed in the Scientology religion or that it is mysterious because of the testimonies of hundreds of thousands of Scientologists that feel happier because of Scientology. Many Scientologists who previously were on psychotropics or street drugs had no difficulty at all changing their habits. This is a scary fact if your main sources of income come from psychotropics.

Despite all of that, it is true that all are welcome to Scientology Churches.

To find the Scientology Church nearest you, visit the Official Scientology Church locator at: Call or visit a Church near you and you will see that Church staff will welcome you and will answer any questions you may have about Scientology.

Photo credit:’s Photo Gallery

New Scientology Commercial – Spiritual Technology

Imagine science and religion connecting.

Imagine technology and spirituality combining.

Now imagine that everything you ever imagined is possible.

Scientology there are higher states of existence.

When will there be peace on Earth

Quote from L. Ron Hubbard from the article Honest People Have Rights Too

Quote from L. Ron Hubbard from the article Honest People Have Rights Too

Peace on Earth is an idea that has been talked about since time immemorial. It has never been achieved and many say that there will never be peace on Earth. But I challenge this idea.

If we can bring peace into one family, we can bring peace to every family and then we will have peace. In Scientology, we have the means of bringing peace to an individual with Scientology Processing and he can bring peace to his family. I myself have changed and brought peace into my life where before there was sadness and turmoil. I brought this tranquility into the life of others in my family. If this can be done on an individual basis, then it can be done on a more broad basis as well.

But the building block of it all is trust. We must learn to trust each other, but we must first become trustworthy ourselves.

How can a person become trustworthy? Well it is hard to say, but I was able to start by the Scientology course “Honesty and Integrity”. Click on that link or play the video below to see the introduction to the course and follow the link in the description for free enrollment in the course.

I hope that this can help you bring peace to yourself.

The First Principle of Scientology

Scientology The Fundamentals of Thought

“You may have been taught that the mind, spirit and life are very difficult things to know about. This is the first principle of Scientology: It is possible to know about the mind, the spirit and life.” —L. Ron Hubbard

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the mind. But you do have to know that the mind can be understood. If you start trying to find out about the mind assuming that you will never really understand it, you will probably won’t.

All you need to do is observe and learn from the things that you observe. That is how L. Ron Hubbard found out so many things about people. However, you do not need to start all over again from scratch and do all the research on the mind in order to know. All of Mr. Hubbard’s initial discoveries are discussed in detail in the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

There are two ways of learning things. 1) Learning from direct experience and 2) Learning from the experience of others. By reading what L. Ron Hubbard wrote about the mind you begin with the 2nd method but are then able to look into your own life and see for yourself using the 1st method of learning.

For example, in the book Dianetics you can find out about how the mind begins to get into problems when it stops being able to differentiate and begins to “identify” which means it thinks of different things as the same thing. This is called A=A=A thinking. For example, a person can identify water with terrible fear and loss. That person will never enjoy a cruise or may even have trouble saving a child that has fallen into a pool.

However, Dianetics offers a therapy called auditing in which you can find the moments in your past (called engrams) when the mind began to identify and then relieve those incidents, leaving a person again able to enjoy water (or whatever it may be) again. This is merely one example but one that is real and has happened. Only when this kind of thing happens to you, you will learn about the mind using method #1 (direct experience).

However, anyone can read about the therapeutic effects of auditing and then see how techniques can benefit them. L. Ron Hubbard wrote his discoveries down so he could share it with anyone who would wish to know.

Ideal Church of Scientology opens in Kaoshiung, Taiwan

The long-awaited Ideal Church of Scientology opened in Kaoshiung, Taiwan on December 7th 2013. This is the nation’s first full-fledged Scientology Church. Before only Scientology Missions, 16 of them, existed in Taiwan to cater to its growing number of Scientologists.

Here are some photos of the majestic building where Taiwanese Scientologists will go to achieve spiritual freedom. (Photos courtesy of and copyrighted by

Kaohsiung Ideal Org



Find out more at the Official Scientology webpage about the Kaohsiung Ideal Org.